Student Safety


Injuries and accidents are everyday occurrences. The home, playground, school and community all present possible hazards to children and adolescents. Injuries are often predictable and preventable events.

The Manitoba School Boards Association and its education partners have developed a number of printed and on-line resources to ensure that youth continue to be afforded vital educational opportunities, while supporting safety as a high priority.

MPASS was launched in October 2022. Manitoba Physical Activity Safety in Schools is a comprehensive safety and risk management resource for physical activity, physical education, field trips, and interscholastic sports in Manitoba schools. Its purpose is three-fold:

  • Provide information that will assist teachers/coaches/intramural supervisors/school administrators in minimizing the element of risk associated with physical activity.
  • Help ensure safe instructional practices which address student and activity safety in minimizing foreseeable risks.
  • Assist teachers/coaches/intramural supervisors/school administrators in fulfilling their obligation to provide a safe learning and physical activity environment in which all students can be physically active.

In addition, the association recommends all parents/guardians consider purchasing student accident insurance, which provides 24 hour coverage for all accidents at school, home or play. The Student Accident Insurance Program provides coverage for medical, dental, disability or accidental death and dismemberment insurance on behalf of students.