Grievances – Teachers


The following arbitration awards and court decisions support school boards in their negotiations with their employee groups.

Administrative Allowances - Misinterpreted and/or Misapplied

Red River Valley School Division (2006)

Agassiz School Division (1997)

Administrative Allowances - Curriculum Leaders/Department Heads

Seven Oaks School Division (1998)

Administrative Allowance - Teacher - Consultants
River East Transcona School Division (2017)

Compassionate Leave - Interpretation of Serious Illness

Intermountain School Division  (1993)

Seine River School Division  (1989)

Extra-Curricular Activities

River East S. D., Interlake S.D., Mountain S. D. (1996)

Churchill S.D.  (1988)

Extra-Curricular Activities Expenses

Rolling River S.D.  (1997)

Extra-Curricular Leave Day

River East School Division (2003)

Form 2A Contracts

Mystery Lake School District, Fort Garry School Division (1995)

Agassiz School Division (1982)

Gender Discrimination

Agassiz School Division  (1997)

Increment Payment (Interpretation)

Frontier School Division  (1996)

Instructional Day

Winnipeg School Division (2005)

Lay-off (Interpretation)
Kelsey School Division (1992)

Leave for Association President

Transcona-Springfield School Division  (2001)

Length of Teachers School Day
Portage la Prairie School Division (2018)
Portage la Prairie School Division Court of Queen's Bench (2020)

Maternity Leave and Term Contracts

Flin Flon School Division (2005)

Flin Flon School Division - Appeal (2006)

Maternity Leave and Sick Leave Provisions

Seine River School Division  (1988)

Maternity Leave Top-up Payment
S.D. of Mystery Lake (2015)

Method of Payment (Interpretation)

Beautiful Plains School Division (1980)

MTS Executive Leave

Seven Oaks School Division (2013)

Noon-Hour Supervision

Snow Lake School District (1986)

Snow Lake School District Queens Bench (1986)

Snow Lake School District - Appeal (1987)

Winnipeg School Division  (1975)

Parental Leave

Brandon School Division Award (2010)

Brandon School Division Dissent (2010)

Louis Riel School Division (2005)

Louis Riel School Division Supplementary Award (2006)

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Morris-Macdonald School Division, Mountain School Division (1995)

Placement (Qualifications and Experience)

River East Transcona School Division (2005)

Posting of Vacancy (Dispute under Section 131.4 of The Public Schools Act)

Flin Flon School Division (1999)

Preparation Time (breach of collective agreement)
Brandon School Division (2020)

Principal Re-Assignment

Western School Division (2002)

Religious Leave

Winnipeg S.D.  Assiniboine South S.D.  Fort Garry S.D. Seven Oaks S.D.  the Province of Manitoba (Human Rights Code) and various teachers (1998)

Manitoba Court of Appeal - Religious Leave Challenge (1999)

St. James Assiniboia S.D. and various teachers (2002)

Section 126(2) & 131.4 of the Public Schools Act (Jurisdiction of Arbitration Board)

Flin Flon School Division - Court of Queens Bench (1999)

Sick Leave (Paid) Calculation
Transcona-Springfield School Division (1983)

Sick Leave Policy

St. James-Assiniboia School Division (2000)

Sick Leave - Required Medical Information

St. James Assiniboia School Division (2004)

Status of Letter of Understanding/Memorandum of Agreement

Mystery Lake School District (2005)

Substitute Teacher (payment for working less than full day)
Park West School Division (2016)

Suspension for Fighting

Mystery Lake School District (1995)

Teacher Evaluation Process
  Student Services Coordinator Participation

Rolling River School Division (2008)

Teacher's Sexual Orientation Not Part of Curriculum

Assiniboine South School Division (1998)

Court of Appeal  (June 2000)

Supreme Court of Canada (March 2001)

Teacher Suspension Without Pay

Western School Division (2023)

St. James-Assiniboia School Division (June 2014)

Teacher Termination Due to Incompetence

Rolling River School Division Court of Appeal (2010)

Rolling River School Division Court of Queen's Bench (2008)

Rolling River School Division (2007)

Rolling River School Division (2007) Dissent

Turtle Mountain School Division (1990)

Teacher Termination Due to Substandard Performance and Inappropriate Behaviour

School District of Mystery Lake (1993)

Teacher Termination Due to Un-Authorized Absence

Transcona-Springfield School Division  (1998)

St. James Assiniboia School Division  (1989)

Winnipeg School Division  (1987)

Teacher Termination Due to Theft of School Property

Seven Oaks School Division (1990)

Non-Tenured Teacher Termination

Frontier School Division (1984)

Non-Tenured Teacher Termination (Jurisdictional Argument)

Hanover School Division (1998)

Midland School Division - Court of Queen's Bench (1999)

Midland School Division - Jurisdictional (1998)

Teacher Transfer

River East Transcona School Division (2017)

Prairie Rose School Division (2010)

Rolling River School Division (2009)

Turtle Mountain School Division (2006)

Lakeshore School Division (2004)

Seven Oaks School Division (2000)

Timetabling/Preparation Time
effective date of Letter of Understanding

School District of Mystery Lake (2005)

Transportation Allowance

School District of Leaf Rapids (1991)

Travel Allowance

Flin Flon School Division (2001)

Written Letter of Reprimand

Kelsey School Division (1991)

Wrongful Suspension of Principal

Winnipeg School Division (2021)