The Association staff is divided into four departments:

The Executive Office is responsible for the general administration of the Association, and for ensuring the
implementation of the policies and instructions of the Provincial Executive. This Department provides support services to the Executive and many of the Association’s committees, along with advocacy responsibilities. It is also guides the Association’s trustee education program, including the fall general meeting and Annual Convention, provincial and regional workshops, and on-line learning opportunities. It produces print and electronic learning resources, develops Association advertising and media campaigns, and maintains the Association’s website and membership data bases. It supports individual boards in the areas of board and policy development and procedural matters.

Corporate and Risk Management Services carries out the accounting functions of the Association and related entities (MSI Insurance and the Pension Plan for Non-teaching Employees of Public School Boards in Manitoba), as well as for the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba. General office management and systems/technology support are also housed in this department. It also oversees the MSI program, as well as both Safe Grad and TADD Manitoba programs. Risk Management works closely with schools to ensure student and staff well-being through programs of school and playground inspections, and to help mitigate the potential for loss as a result of fire, flood, theft, or other hazards.

Human Resource Services and Provincial Bargaining is responsible for providing value added human resource services to member boards including employment contract management, executive recruitment, and other senior level HR activities. The Department is also responsible for leading provincial teacher collective bargaining as the employer bargaining representative for school divisions across Manitoba.

Labour Relations is responsible for providing labour relations and personnel services to member school boards in the capacity of advisor, coordinator, and agent. This Department assists member boards in the maintenance of good employer-employee relationships through the establishment of fair and reasonable salaries, benefits, and working conditions.