The Manitoba Schools Boards Association has established a number of internal standing committees to assist with the regular work of the association. As well, the association is represented on many external standing committees, to ensure that the perspectives of school boards are heard and considered whenever decisions affecting students, schools or education are made. Most committee appointments are for a two-year term, and with some exceptions, committee members are eligible to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

This section contains the mandates of the association's standing committees, in alphabetical order, along with the current membership of both internal and external committees. The date of each member's initial appointment is also indicated.

Interested in volunteering for a committee? Download the Committee Volunteer Form, complete it, and submit it as indicated on the form.

Indigenous Education Committee

Mandate: the Indigenous Education Committee works in support of the association's goal to contribute to improved educational outcomes for aboriginal learners.


Jolene Bunn, Border Land S.D. (November 2023)
Penny Helgason, Evergreen S.D. (December 2018)
Lisa Makwebak, Park West S.D. (September 2020)
Nicole Chaske, Fort La Bosse S.D. (November 2022)
One Vacancy (Executive liaison) 

Convention Planning Committee

Mandate: to plan and oversee the delivery of the annual convention of the association. In fulfilling its mandate, the committee will work to advance association objectives and priorities, as established through policy and/or identified by the provincial executive.


Penny Helgason, Evergreen S.D. (November 2021)
Fred Kelesnik, Red River Valley (January 2023)
Theresa Bergson, Seine River S.D. (November 2022)
Leifa Misko, Mountain View S.D. (November 2022)
Jack Bogaski, Lord Selkirk S.D. (January 2023)
Janis Arnold, association staff

Manitoba Public School Employees Benefits Trust

Mandate: to oversee and to manage the MSBA/MTS jointly trusteed Dental Plan for school divisions/districts personnel.


Yolande Dupuis, DSFM (January 2015)
Keith Morrison, River East Transcona S.D. (November 2022)
Irene Nordheim, Louis Riel S.D. (November 2022)
Morgan Whiteway, association staff

Finance/Audit Committee

Mandate: to oversee all material aspects of the association`s financial reporting, control and finance functions.

Members: all members of the provincial executive.

Manitoba Schools Insurance (MSI)

Mandate: to oversee and manage the operation of the Manitoba Schools Insurance (MSI).


Derek Dabee, Seven Oaks S.D. (June 2011)
Yolande Dupuis, DSFM (December 2010)
Fred Kelesnik, Red River Valley S.D. (December 2018)
Rey Toews, Beautiful Plains S.D. (January 2023)
Sandy Szwaluk, Park West S.D. (September 2023)
Josh Watt, association staff (Interim)

MSBA Universal Standards Trust Fund (MUST)

Mandate: to assist participating member school divisions by defraying or covering the legal costs (excluding damages) involved in: protecting and furthering management rights/responsibilities, controlling salary considerations, or other employee/labour matters of provincial or regional implication.


Region 1 – Gary Wowchuk, Swan Valley S.D.
Region 2 – One Vacancy
Region 3 – Ron Falk, Hanover S.D.
Region 4 – Tim Davies, Flin Flon S.D.
Region 5 – Chipalo Simunyola, Louis Riel S.D. (term position)
Region 6 – Dante Aviso, Winnipeg S.D. (term position)
Justin Rempel, association staff

Nominating Committee

Mandate: to ensure that there is at least one qualified candidate who has consented to allow his/her name to stand for each of the following positions at the annual convention of the association: president, vice-president (6,000 students or more), vice-president (fewer than 6,000 students), and regional directors. Committee is comprised of the three (3) most recent past presidents who continue to serve as trustees.


Alan Campbell, Interlake S.D. (1st Past President)
Floyd Martens, Mountain View S.D. (2nd Past President)
Robert Rivard, Seine River S.D. (3rd Past President)

Pension Committee

Mandate: responsible for the overall administration, maintenance and operation of the MSBA Non-Teaching Employees Pension Fund, the Plan and the Administration Account as a Board of Trustees.


Colleen Carswell, River East Transcona S.D. (1999)
Patty Wiebe, Border Land S.D. (2018)
Floyd Martens, Mountain View S.D. (2006)
Craig Stahlke, Pembina Trails S.D. (2022)
Sandy Szwaluk, Park West S.D. (2023)
Paul Magnan, Executive Liaison (March 2024)
Alison Bourrier, association staff

Resolutions & Policy Committee

Mandate: is responsible for the association`s policy development process and seeks to enhance the association's advocacy work on behalf of member school boards.


Alan Campbell, Interlake (1st Past President)
Floyd Martens, Mountain View (2nd Past President)
Robert Rivard, Seine River S.D. (June 2023)
Jack Bogaski, Lord Selkirk S.D. (November 2022)
Henk Warnar-Brown, S.D. of Mystery Lake (October 2023)
Josh Watt, association staff

External Committees & Organizations

External committees are those structured by agencies and organizations other than MSBA. These committees may be either permanent or ad hoc in nature. Their mandates, terms of reference, and compositions are determined by the sponsoring agency/organization.

Canadian School Boards Association Board of DirectorsSandy Nemeth, President; Josh Watt, Executive Director (ex-officio)
Celebration of Excellence in Teaching Selection Committee Alan Campbell, Past President
Certificate in School Leadership Review Committee Janis Arnold, association staff
Certificate Review Committee Patricia Wiebe, Border Land S.D. (December 2010)
Holly Hunter, St. James-Assiniboia S.D. (January 2020)
Justin Rempel, association staff (June 2019)
(Alternate) Morgan Whiteway, association staff (November 2021)
Education Advisory CouncilSandy Nemeth, President
Funding Task Force ReviewSandy Nemeth, President; Alan Campbell, Past President; Floyd Martens, Mountain View S.D.
Manitoba High Schools Athletic AssociationCheryl Smukowich, St. James-Assiniboia S.D. (August 2020)
Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous Education Blueprint Steering CommitteeJosh Watt, Executive Director
Manitoba Rural Learning ConsortiumOne Vacancy
Prime Minister's Teaching Excellence Awards Selection CommitteeSandy Nemeth, President
Provincial Evaluations Committee Elizabeth Mitchell, association staff; Chris Huppe (Alternate)
Red River College Teacher and Teaching Assistant Advisory CommitteeJanis Arnold, association staff
Red River Métis Education Working GroupJamie Dumont, Winnipeg S.D. (June 2023)
Student Services/Inclusive Education Consultation Committee Darlene Gerrior, Louis Riel S.D. (November 2022)
University of Manitoba Faculty of Education Undergraduate and Graduate Studies CommitteesJosh Watt, Executive Director