Past Advocacy (2020-2023)


Manitoba’s Public Education System

On October 3, 2023, the Manitoba NDP was elected to form the new provincial government. MSBA looks forward to working with Minister of Education & Early Childhood Learning Nello Altomare and MEECL on issues and priorities that matter to our students and Manitoba’s public school system. Below are links to pages that underscored the importance of and support for locally elected school boards. 

Advocacy Correspondence (2018 to 2023)

The Winnipeg Free PressParents are already involved in education - Op EdOctober 3, 2023
Hon. Rochelle SquiresLetter re enhanced funding support for Community Living AssociationsApril 26, 2023Letter
Public Utilities Board of ManitobaWritten submission from MSBA re: application by Manitoba Hydro for 2 per cent general rate increases in 2023/24 and 2024/25.
March 1, 2023
Hon. Cliff CullenMSBA 2023 Pre-Budget Consultation BriefJanuary 30, 2023
Hon. Cameron FriesenMSBA 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation BriefJanuary 18, 2022
Hon. Wayne Ewasko
Hon. Cameron Friesen
Hon. Eileen Clarke
MSBA Request for Action re Municipal Assessment in View of Bill 71 January 18, 2022; January 6, 2023
Hon. Cliff CullenMSBA, MASS, MASBO Letter re Governance Transformation Data Request June 18, 2021
Legislative CommitteePresentation to the Legislative Committee on Social and Economic Development re: Bill 71 May 10, 2021
Government & Post-Secondary InstitutionsLetters re Requests for Action April 28, 2021Letter (Hon.W. Ewasko), Letter (K. Seier, ADM), Letter (Hon. R. Squires)
Legislative CommitteePresentation to the Legislative Committee on Social and Economic Development re: Bill 45 April 14, 2021
Hon. Cliff CullenPresidents of CSBA Letter (FR) re Bill 64March 29, 2021
Hon. Derek Johnson
Hon. Cliff Cullen
AMM/MSBA Letter re Local Government Awareness WeekFebruary 17, 2021
Hon. Derek Johnson
Hon. Cliff Cullen
AMM/MSBA Letter re Electronic VotingFebruary 17, 2021
Hon. Derek Johnson
Hon. Cliff Cullen
Hon Scott Fielding
AMM/MSBA Letter re Education Property Tax Phase-Out Consultation February 12, 2021Letter (Hon. Scott Fielding, Hon. Derek Johnson, Hon. Cliff Cullen)
Hon. Scott Fielding2021 Pre-Budget Consultation BriefJanuary 26, 2021
Hon. Cliff CullenE-Resources Repository Follow-upJanuary 8, 2021
Winnipeg Free PressOp-Ed by President Alan Campbell, Time to lift shroud from Bill 64December 15, 2020
Hon. Kelvin GoertzenResolutions to the MinisterMarch 17, 2020Letter (Hon. Kelvin Goertzen)
Hon. Kelvin Goertzen
Hon. Cameron Friesen
Region 5 Request for Action Follow-up Letter re Inoculation Education ProgrammingJanuary 24, 2020Letter (Avis Gray, ADM Population Health)
Hon. Scott FieldingMSBA Pre-Budget Consultation BriefJanuary 17, 2020
Winnipeg Free PressOp-Ed by President Alan CampbellDecember 17, 2019
Media Release and Backgrounder Fact SheetExcellence of Manitoba's public education system affirmed by PISA 2018
The Facts on PISA 2018
December 3, 2019
Media ReleaseClimate Action Incentive Fund (FR version)August 7, 2019
Rt. Hon. Justin TrudeauClimate Action Incentive FundJuly 24, 2019 Letter (Hon. Catherine McKenna)
Winnipeg Free PressEditorial by President Alan CampbellFebruary 12, 2019
News ReleaseManitoba School Boards Welcome Public Education ReviewJanuary 23, 2019
Op-Ed by CSBA President Laurie French January 2, 2019
Editorial by Provincial ExecutiveNovember 2018
Winnipeg Free PressOp-Ed by Sandy Nemeth and Alan Campbell, Vice-PresidentsSeptember 2018
Minister Ian WishartProvincial BargainingFebruary 28, 2018



Presentation on Bill 222 - The Public Schools Amendment Act (Nutrition Programs)
Presentation on Bill 230 - The Municipal Councils and School Boards Elections Amendment Act
Presentation on Bill 10The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Amendment Act (Social Responsibility Fee Repealed)
Presentation on Bill 35 - The Education Administration Amendment Act (Teacher Certification and Professional Conduct) | Appendix 
Presentation on Bill 45 - The Public Schools Amendment and Manitoba Teachers' Society Amendment Act
The Facts on PCAP 2019
2023 Pre-Budget Brief
Request for Action re Municipal Assessment in view of Bill 71 - The Education Property Tax Reduction Act