Manitoba Historical Society Centennial Organization Award - March 17, 2023

Founded in 1907, the Manitoba School Boards Association and its predecessors have served the cause of public education in our province for 116 years. MSBA was very honoured to be recognized by the Manitoba Historical Society with its Centennial Organization Award. Learn more about the association's history by visiting the Society's webpage.


The Manitoba School Boards Association is a voluntary association of Manitoba’s public school boards. School boards pay an annual membership fee to access services and programs that help them fulfill their mandate of governing the public education system in their communities. The Manitoba School Boards Association’s policy direction is established by its membership through the resolutions process at its Annual Convention. Between Conventions, the Association is governed by an elected 11-member Provincial Executive. Each member of the Provincial Executive is a school trustee who currently serves on a Manitoba school board. The Provincial Executive is supported by the Association staff. The Association office is at 191 Provencher Boulevard in Winnipeg

The Manitoba School Boards Association provides a range of programs and services for school boards which otherwise might not be available or affordable to them individually, including:

  • labour relations
  • human resource management and provincial bargaining
  • risk management
  • trustee education
  • employee benefit plans
  • property and liability insurance
  • policy development

The Manitoba School Boards Association also provides a common voice with which Manitoba’s school boards can speak to governments or other organizations at the local, provincial, or national levels on issues of interest or concern.