2023 Student Citizenship and George Harbottle Memorial Awards

 The Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Awards program for public school students in Manitoba recognizes outstanding young people throughout Manitoba who are active participants in their communities and schools. These Awards recognize students from Manitoba schools who demonstrate their commitment to the values of citizenship through activities such as:

  1. Volunteer service to the community (i.e. service to health care facilities, senior citizen groups, shelters, day care centres)
  2. Involvement in citizenship or character building organizations
  3. Participation in student government programs or activities
  4. Leadership ability to motivate others to actions to benefit the community

Please submit this form and along with the required supporting files. Full descriptions of the criteria requirements for these awards can be found on the Awards page of the MSBA website. Nominations close January 27, 2023.

A. Student Application (grades 9-12 only)

  • Only students in grades 9-12 are eligible to self-nominate
  • Completed application form (including school-based and community-based letters of support)
  • Submission of supporting materials (portfolio of visual images/examples of citizenship) that showcase the nominee’s work or an essay (up to 500 words) from the student or group that defines what citizenship means to them, and/or describes how the student or group has tried to live out the concept of good citizenship in school and community

B. Two Sponsoring Letters as follows:

  1. A letter from an official at the student’s or group’s school that:
    • Describes the context in which the sponsoring official has known or worked with the student or group
    • Describes how the student’s or group’s actions at school demonstrate good citizenship

  2. A letter from a representative of a community organization that:
    • Indicates the individual’s relationship with the student or group
    • Describes how the student’s or group’s actions in the community demonstrate good citizenship

Deadline for nominations is January 27, 2023.