Executive By-Election RESULTS

Executive members elected in these by-elections will hold office upon successful election/acclamation at the 2022 Fall Regionals, until the close of the 2023 annual convention in March. Successful candidates who wish to continue to serve on the provincial executive must be nominated to run for office in the elections held in conjunction with the convention.

Nominations to date:

  • Region 4
    • Timothy Davis, Flin Flon S.D. - ACCLAIMED
  • Region 5
    • Greg McFarlane, Seven Oaks S.D. - ACCLAIMED


The Manitoba School Boards Association is legally chartered under a provincial statute, The Manitoba School Boards Association Act, which outlines its governance structure. Further detail is found in the association's by-laws (Section B of the "Executive Manual") and policies.

Policy direction is established through the resolutions process at the Manitoba School Boards Association's Annual Convention. The Convention also provides an opportunity for the membership to elect the Association's 11-member Provincial Executive, which governs the Association between conventions.

The Executive meets monthly to consider ongoing and emerging issues impacting educational governance, and to work to further the mission and goals of the organization. The Executive has established a number of standing committees to help it fulfill its mandate in this regard, and may appoint ad hoc committees to deal with specific matters as the need arises.

In addition to the Annual Convention and Executive meetings, one or more series of regional meetings are also held each year. These meetings are attended by trustees from school boards in specific areas of the province—one of the Manitoba School Boards Association's six geographical regions. These meetings provide a venue for in-depth discussions and the exchange of ideas among trustees from school boards that, due to geography and circumstance, often share many similar concerns and experiences.

Provincial Executive 2022-2023

Alan Campbell

Interlake S.D.

Sandra Lethbridge

Vice-President (+6000)
St. James-Assiniboia S.D.

Floyd Martens

Vice-President (<6000)
Mountain View S.D.

Charlene Gulak

Director Region 1
Mountain View S.D.

Leah Klassen

Director Region 2
Garden Valley S.D.

Paul Magnan

Director Regions 3
Sunrise S.D.

Timothy Davis

Director Region 4
Flin Flon S.D.

Greg McFarlane

Director Region 5
Seven Oaks S.D.

Sandy Nemeth

Region 5 Director
Louis Riel S.D.

Jamie Dumont

Region 6 Director
Winnipeg S.D.



Executive By-Elections


MSBA will be conducting by-elections to fill the position of Regional Directors for Regions 4 and 5 in conjunction with the December 1 and 2 General Meeting.