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A 20/20 Perspective on 20K3

The provincial government’s decision to eliminate targeted funding for class size reduction in the early years has generated a lot of discussion. Much of that discussion has focussed on the possible negative impact of this change on students.

In his response to one article that advanced that view, President Ken Cameron looks at the class-size research, and shows how this change may actually help kids who are struggling.

School Vandalism Prevention


Our school vandalism prevention program is back again this summer. Residents living near schools in Winnipeg are encouraged to keep an eye open for suspicious activity, including graffiti, arson, on-site use of drugs or alcohol, and signs of break and enter. They are asked to report any such incidents to a dedicated tip-line at 204-231-4556. The Corps of Commissionaires security company will respond to calls and a mobile security unit will visit the scene as quickly as possible.

Severe Summer Weather


The arrival of warmer weather may also mean the advent of severe weather. Tornado season extends from April to September, with peak months in June and July, but they can occur at any time of year.

Be aware of the hazards and know what to do when a severe summer storm threatens your area by checking out this Risk Management Bulletin.

Community Voice in Education


Everyone has a stake in the success of public schools. School boards play a significant role in both Canadian democracy and in student achievement.

Public Education–Everyone’s Business provides an overview of the important role public schools and school boards play in our community.

To learn more, contact your local school board office or this association.

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