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Commitment to Universal Nutrition Program, Stable and Predictable Funding Above Inflation Will Serve All Students: Altomare

The Manitoba government is increasing operating funding for public schools by 3.4 per cent, an amount higher than the provincial inflation rate and supporting school divisions as they roll out a universal nutrition program, Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Nello Altomare announced today.

“After years of feeling the pinch, schools and kids deserve a government that’s ready to fund them at the level they deserve,” said Altomare. “Funding will be stable and predictable for divisions while we develop a new funding model for the next fiscal year. For kids, this funding will ensure every student gets the support they need including a universal nutrition program to keep kids fed, healthy and ready for learning.”

The 3.4 per cent operating funding increase addresses growing enrolment and supports classroom needs, noted the minister. This year’s funding allocation provides higher levels of funding to divisions with high enrolment growth and divisions with a smaller tax base to enable students across the province to receive the supports they need.

As announced earlier this week, the province is investing $30 million to deliver a universal nutrition program in schools across Manitoba. The Manitoba government is also investing $3 million to lower early-years class sizes, the minister said.

The 2024-25 funding of schools is an overall increase of $104.2 million that includes:

  • $51.5 million in operating costs for public schools;
  • $3 million toward smaller class sizes;
  • $27.5 million for nutrition programming, which builds on the 2023-24 current funding for a total of $30 million;
  • $11.3 million for capital support, which includes principal and interest costs related to building schools; and
  • $10.9 million to independent schools as per their funding agreement.

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2024-25 School Division Funding Increases