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Take charge of your own professional development and area of interest. These video links are here to help you. They vary in length and topic and have been sourced from all over the internet. Use them as food for thought, share them with your peers or tap into them to kick-start a discussion and explore the area more in-depth. Contact Janis Arnold at the association office if you’d like discussion questions to go with any of the selected videos.

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Share, Celebrate and Engage

(1:48 min.) (added January 17, 2020)

What is the impact on students of making their work public? Deeper learning that creates relevancy, accountability and a community connection.

Essential Skills

(4:52 min.) (added December 10, 2019)

What skills and character traits are essential for today's students that will translate into job preparedness, tomorrow's leadership and happy, well-adjusted people? Today's student can't just work hard at taking in content, they have to know how and what to do with the knowledge they acquire.

Most likely to Succeed

(90 min.)

Society may be advancing at an astonishing speed, but our education system is stuck in the nineteenth century. As a result, we’re educating our children to succeed in a bygone era. To give our kids the opportunity to succeed, we must creatively reimagine education for the innovation era.
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7 talks for inspiring transformed curriculums

With our schools fully enveloped in the Communications Revolution and turning to online learning, distance education, plugging in and wiring up, policy makers and curriculum influencers need to stay on top of new pedagogies and practices. This series of 7 videos challenges decision-makers to think beyond the next six months or past the end of the board table. These ideas may just steer you and your division toward the next big thing.
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The Learning Exchange

Several provinces have joined in an innovative partnership to collectively mobilize deep learning, cultivate new pedagogies, and diffuse new practices and greater understandings. This series of 10 videos (2 – 6 min. each) speaks about the impact of new pedagogies for deep learning within classrooms, schools and education systems.
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Canadian Education Association: Boards Supporting Innovation

Three videos on school boards empowering and supporting innovation.
Getting universal buy-in (9:23 min.)
Innovation at the Top (6:46 min.)
Getting Comfortable with Risk (8:49 min.)

Illinois School Boards Association: Board-Superintendent Relationship

(17:00 min.)

Effective school boards must nurture a strong Board-Superintendent relationship to govern at the top of the division. Expectations. Quality Communications. Trust. These three critical practices allow for collaboration, risk-taking and success.

Ken Robinson: Changing Educational Paradigms

(11:40 min.)

Never count an idea out before you try it out. If it does not work, try something else. Sir Ken Robinson talks about the fact that not much has really changed about school as a whole since back the 18th century. We often separate school into subjects and students by ages. Instead of education modeling a factory, it could be flexible to fit more students’ needs.

Brandman University Center for Instructional Innovation: What is Good Data?

(3:00 min.)

How to look critically at the data you receive and what to communicate (what criteria do you need) when you ask for data.

Dr. Karen Mapp: 3 Prerequisites of Effective Family and Community Engagement

(2:00 min.)

These “3 prerequisites” provide the foundation necessary for effective family and community engagement and are the building blocks for educators, school leaders and policy-makers to use as they move forward in creating their own culture of family engagement.