Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Invites Students to Help Shape Manitoba Schools

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[February 26, 2024] Education Department Accepting 2024-25 Applications for Student Advisory Council: Altomare

The Manitoba government is inviting students aged 14 to 18 to apply for the 2024-25 Student Advisory Council and offer their insights on how to best shape Manitoba schools for the future, Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Nello Altomare announced today. 

“Manitoba students are at the heart of our education system,” said Altomare. “Including youth perspectives in the educational decision-making process helps improve student well-being, boosts educational success and keeps government in tune with issues that matter to the next generation of leaders.” 

Student Advisory Council members collaborate with stakeholders across the education sector on current and emerging issues affecting students and contribute valuable insights that create positive change at the provincial level. The council helps youth develop leadership and advocacy skills, build networks and work as part of a team, noted the minister. Previous student advisors helped influence initiatives in remote learning, anti-racism and mental health, among others. 

“Being on the Student Advisory Council is an honour,” said Namirembe Afatsawo, a three-year Student Advisory Council member. “As a northern resident, I feel grateful to have the opportunity to advocate for the region. I believe that those directly affected by something should be given the opportunity to provide their insight. When it comes to education, this does not just include teachers and principals, but it also includes students. This is why having a council such as this in place is significant.” 

The rich diversity of Manitoba’s students will be represented by the 32 youth selected to join the 2024-25 Student Advisory Council for a one-year term beginning in August, noted the minister. Current council members who continue to meet the eligibility criteria can apply for a second term. The deadline for applications is April 5. 

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