Social Media Gallery

This section of the toolkit contains social media images to convey thought-provoking and impactful messaging via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media can be a powerful tool for mobilizing engagement and support for locally elected school boards which reflect the priorities, views and aspirations of their communities.
Facebook (PDF Facts Profile)Twitter (PDF Facts Profile)Instagram (PDF Facts Profile)
Image 1Image 1Image 1
Image 2Image 2Image 2
Image 3Image 3Image 3
Image 4Image 4Image 4
Image 5Image 5Image 5
Image 6Image 6Image 6
Image 7Image 7Image 7
Image 8Image 8Image 8
Image 9Image 9Image 9
Image 10Image 10Image 10
Image 11Image 11Image 11
Image 12Image 12Image 12
Image 13Image 13Image 13
Image 14Image 14Image 14
Image 15Image 15Image 15
Image 16Image 16Image 16
Image 17Image 17Image 17
Image 18Image 18Image 18
Image 19Image 19Image 19
Image 20Image 20Image 20
Image 21Image 21Image 21
Image 22Image 22Image 22
Image 23Image 23Image 23
Image 24Image 24Image 24
Image 25Image 25Image 25