The following organizations and programs regularly produce research-based resources that will be of interest to school boards. Specific findings are regularly highlighted in our electronic newsletter, on our website, or via Twitter.

The EdCan Network (by CEA) focuses on linking research, policy and practice. Its concentration on new learning and teaching practices has produced, among other resources, a series of reports based in its What Did You Do in School Today? initiative.

The Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) critical education issues such as Aboriginal student achievement and practical legal matters such as copyright in education. It is also the source for analysis of pan-Canadian and international studies of student achievement such as PCAP and PISA.

The Center for Public Education is a branch of the National School Boards Association that is dedicated to the improvement of student achievement through the use of educational research, data, and analysis. Although most of its research is American-based, much of it is applicable to Canadian students and schools.

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