Funding Increased for School Operations and Cost Pressures by More Than $120 Million, as Property Tax Rebate Continues to be Implemented for Ratepayers: Ewasko

Funding for the Manitoba school system will increase by $120 million in the upcoming school year, including $43 million increase in annual funding and additional one-time funding of $77 million to address incremental wage costs and other pressures, Education Minister Wayne Ewasko announced today.

“Manitoba has the second-highest spending per student in Canada after New Brunswick at $15,412 and we are maintaining this position at the national level with a further investment of $120 million this year,” said Ewasko. “School divisions have told us that COVID-19, inflation and other costs have increased financial pressures, and this has been taken into consideration in this year’s public school funding. These increases will ensure that school divisions have the resources they need to help students succeed.”

The annual funding includes an increase of $18 million for public schools, $2.2 million for independent schools and a $23.2 million increase to the Property Tax Offset Grant. To reduce the burden from ratepayers, education property taxes will remain frozen and the increase to the Property Tax Offset Grant is equivalent to two per cent. 

“School divisions continue to receive the full value of the education property taxes collected as the rebates to Manitobans are funded from general provincial revenues,” said Ewasko. “The increase in the Property Tax Offset Grant ensures that school divisions do not lose out on revenue that they would have raised by increasing property taxes.”

The $77 million in one-time funding next year is based on feedback from school divisions on their anticipated incremental costs over and above the regular annual increases in funding.

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