Manitoba Government Recognizes International Day of the Girl

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Girls Making an Impact Around the World, Creating Immense Positive Change in Communities: Squires

[October 11, 2022] The Manitoba government is recognizing the International Day of the Girl by highlighting the role girls play as powerful voices for change, Families Minister Rochelle Squires, minister responsible for the status of women, announced today.

“The International Day of the Girl is an opportunity to highlight the role girls play as powerful voices for change in their families, communities and nations,” said Squires. “Around the world, girls are making an impact and creating immense positive change in their communities. They are leading the way as volunteers and activists, and are proving that a person is never too young to shape the future, empower others and improve everyone’s lives.”

The minister noted that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the United Nations declaring the International Day of the Girl, providing an opportunity to reflect on the challenges girls face because of their gender. Despite the additional burdens brought about by global crises such as humanitarian atrocities and climate change, girls have demonstrated great resilience and resourcefulness.

Last month, the Manitoba government announced a new partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart to provide free menstrual products to schools and other agencies, an initiative that will advance menstrual equity and reduce period poverty.

Squires noted that this step was influenced, in no small part, by students across the province who wrote to government to raise awareness about the need for improved access to menstrual products.

“The advocacy effort of these students mirrors the messaging of International Day of the Girl and stands out as an example of how young people have the power and determination to become change makers in society,” said Squires.

As part of this partnership, more than 3.3 million menstrual products will be donated to the initiative each year for three years. The Manitoba government will begin monthly distribution of the products in the coming weeks.

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