Manitoba Government Accepting Applications for Student Advisory Council

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[February 15, 2023] Members Bring Valuable Input, Diversity of Opinions, Ideas to K to 12 Education Action Plan Priorities: Ewasko

The Manitoba government is now accepting applications for the 2023-24 Student Advisory Council, which was launched in March 2021 in response to recommendations from the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education and directly aligns with Manitoba’s K to 12 Education Action Plan, Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Wayne Ewasko announced today.

“Students are significant partners in the education system and their voices must play a role in shaping it,” said Ewasko. “I am pleased that in this current year, council members have provided valuable feedback and have contributed a wide variety of opinions, ideas and lived experiences to K to 12 Education Action Plan priorities. The Manitoba government invites all Manitoba students between the ages of 14 and 18 to apply to next year’s council.”

The Student Advisory Council reports directly to the minister of education and early childhood learning. The role of the council is to provide insights and advice on issues and topics that are current and emerging for kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

“My time as the co-chair has been eye opening. I truly believe that this council and Manitoba’s K to 12 Education Action Plan will help us achieve excellence in our education system,” said Bijan Salimi, co-chair, Student Advisory Council. “I am confident that together we will continue to build an equitable education system in Manitoba for all.”

The minister noted participating in the council helps students develop leadership skills while experiencing what it is like to sit on a council and support the continuous improvement of kindergarten to Grade 12 education.

“Acting as co-chair has been immensely rewarding,” said Lily Rich, co-chair, Student Advisory Council. “We are given the opportunity to ensure the council meets its goals, and collaborating with stakeholders across the education sector offers uniquely valuable perspectives on the purpose of policy and decision-making, along with how to improve existing policies. To be given such insight and contributing to this process is truly an honour.”

Council members for 2023-24 will serve a 12-month term starting in August 2023 and ending in August 2024. Current council members who continue to meet the eligibility criteria will be considered for a second term. The deadline for applications is March 31.

“My time on the council has been one of the most influential experiences I have ever had,” said Jordan Gottfried, council member, Student Advisory Council. “There is such a wide range of people that I get to learn from and see the world from their perspective.”

For more information on the Student Advisory Council and how students can apply, visit:

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