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K-12 Education Review - UPDATE


In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic,the release of the report of the Manitoba K-12 Education Review Commission, originally expected in March, has been postponed.

Additionally, the Minister of Education has indicated that significant changes recommended in the report will not be implemented until the summer of 2021 at the earliest. We will update this timeline asinformation becomes available.

Canadian Voices for Manitoba Choices

Members of the Canadian School Boards Association board of directors reflect on the important role and positive impact school boards have on student success in Manitoba and across the country.

If you value education and your ability to help shape local schools to meet community needs, we encourage you to voice your concerns about these possible changes with provincial government officials, including the Premier of Manitoba, the Minister of Education and Training, and your local MLA. To write a letter to your local MLA in support of maintaining local voices and local choices for education in your community, please download our template letter (FR). Contact information for all MLAs, including email addresses, is available here.

Two matters which may be under consideration in this review are the large-scale amalgamation of the current 37 elected school boards in our province, and a possible move to appointed, rather than elected, school boards. School boards are grassroots, democratic institutions. Alone, either of these changes would severely undermine the ability of communities to shape local schools. Together, they could silence the community’s voice in education completely. To learn more about why local voices and local choices matter when it comes to public education in your community, please watch our video (FR) or view these 15 quick facts about school boards. To find out about the range of local choices school boards across the province are making in support of identified community needs, please scroll through these divisional profiles.

Between January and June of 2019, the provincial government launched a review of K-12 education in Manitoba. Read the announcement of the New Commission on K-12 Education, along with the association's response to it.

The association participated in the consultation process held throughout the province. On behalf of MSBA, the provincial executive submitted its brief to the Commission.

To stay in the loop about the latest news and developments concerning local voice and local choice in education, please like or follow our Facebook page. To learn more about Manitobans’ views regarding local voice and local choice in education, please see the results of Probe Research’s September 2018 Opinion Poll. To hear what our local veterans had to say about the importance of local voices and local choices in education, please visit The Veteran's Voice page.


K-12 Education Review
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President Alan Campbell discusses province`s plans to cut education management positions - CBC Radio (Jan. 31, 2020)

President Alan Campbell outlines why K-12 Review is so important and how to get involved.

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