As bills are introduced before the Manitoba Legislature, they are made available on the Legislative Assembly website. The full text of each bill, plus its status before the Legislature, can be accessed from this website. The website also lists information about legislative committees, including how to make a presentation, and notice of upcoming meetings.

The following lists include bills that are currently before the legislature, or which were recently passed, along with brief descriptions of each. You can find government news releases relating to many of these bills under News From Broadway.

Before the Legislature

Recently Passed

  • Bill 2, The Budget Implementation and Tax Statutes Amendment Act, implements tax and other measures announced in the 2020 Manitoba Budget. Additional amendments implement and support the summary budget and make various amendments to tax legislation.
  • Bill 44, The Employment Standards Code Amendment Act, allows an employee to take a leave if the employee is more susceptible to COVID-19 because of an underlying medical condition, ongoing medical treatment or other illness. Other circumstances for taking leave in relation to COVID-19 may be set by regulation. Employers may require employees to verify a leave by providing a certificate of a health professional only if permitted to do so by regulation.
  • Bill 7, The Employment Standards Code Amendment Act (Leave for Victims of Interperonal Violence), expands leave eligibility to an employee who is a victim of sexual violence or stalking. Currently, an employee who is a victim of domestic violence may take a leave from work under The Employment Standards Code. In this Bill, these three forms of violence are collectively referred to as interpersonal violence. In addition, an employee may now take a leave to assist their child or other dependant who experiences or is exposed to interpersonal violence.
  • Bill 5, The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Amendment Act), would see whistleblower protections extended to employees of school divisions and districts.
  • Bill 8, The Government Notices Modernization Act, amends provisions in 24 statutes that relate to the government's publication of official notices. These amendments remove references to printed "issues" of The Manitoba Gazette so that it may be published online. Several requirements to publish a notice or document in a newspaper are replaced with the requirement or option of publishing it in The Manitoba Gazette.
  • Bill 27, The Elections Amendment Act, would create a permanent and regularly updated database of eligible voters for all future provincial elections.
  • Bill 28, The Public Services Sustainability Act, is part of a multi-faceted and ongoing approach to ensure the sustainabillity of front-line services across the public sector. (Note: yet to be proclaimed)


Presentation to the Legislative Committee on Social and Economic Development re: Bill 45

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