Workshops and Facilitation

In-person Board Workshops and Facilitation

The association offers workshops that cover such areas as governance, board self-evaluation, decision-making, teamwork, and communication, as well as many others. Through these sessions, boards will learn comprehensive, practical approaches and information. A brief description of each area can be viewed by clicking on the subject areas (the first is open by default).

Member boards are encouraged to take advantage of these professional development opportunities designed to support trusteeship and public school boards. If you prefer to customize or develop new material, you can work with Janis Arnold, Board Development Consultant to tailor one to your needs.


► Multi-Year Strategic Planning

► Governance Models, Policy Manuals and Policy Development



As with most boards, it’s the school board that has the authority and not the individual trustee. This is why teamwork is so important. Board members need to support each other both at the board table and in public. Time wasted on working at cross purposes only serves to make you less efficient and effective. A cohesive unit can be creative and productive which is what it takes for students to learn.

Overcoming Decision-Impairment

Board-Superintendent Evaluation

Planning for Success

Establishing a Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy


Communication and Making that Big Decision

Social Media

Ethical Governance

Change Management

Running Effective Meetings

Community Engagement

Becoming an Effective Board Chair

Basics of Media Relations

Board-Superintendent Partnership

What it Means to Govern

Meet Janis

Janis Arnold

Janis Arnold has a wide ranging skill-set as a facilitator, educator and trainer in policy development, strategic planning, communication and governance.

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