E-Bulletin September 29, 2021



The association’s annual call for nominations was distributed in divisional mail on September 1. That document is the first call for nominations for positions to be elected at the AGM in March— Vice-President (6000+ students) and directors from Regions 1, 3, and 5 (one position). The second call will occur at the fall general meeting (November 27) and the final call at the AGM (March 11).

Nominations may also be submitted at any time, in writing, to the association office by contacting Andrea Kehler. Keep your eye on divisional mail for updates and details over the coming months.


The association is available once again to offer in-person board workshops and facilitation. Workshops cover such areas as governance, board self-evaluation, strategic planning, teamwork, communication, and many others.

Member boards are encouraged to take advantage of these professional development opportunities designed to support trusteeship and public school boards. There is no fee associated with this service and openings are available. Contact Janis Arnold to discuss and book a session.


Annual membership forms were distributed to all school divisions in the weekly divisional email of September 8. Please return the completed forms to Jennifer Esau as soon as possible after your inaugural meeting, so we can ensure our records are up-to-date.

Full Article pdf here: September-29_2021.pdf