E-Bulletin October 13, 2021



With budget discussions starting soon, your board is likely considering ways to get the most out of public engagement and participation. Over the last year, there was more interest than ever in the role of school boards and community input into schools. Your budget discussions can keep that momentum going through the group and individual contacts garnered over the past year. Use the same social media accounts and platforms to start the next conversation; the conversation about budget. Tip: people are more likely to respond to a personal invitation than a notice board or flyer brought home by a student.

Keep your eye out for the next e-bulletin and more ideas on engaging with and increasing the input from your public in these critical discussions.


Looking for ideas on how to make this Veterans’ Week (November 5-11) memorable? Trying to find an incredible way to bring history to life and hear stories of our veterans?

The National Veterans’ Week Speakers Program (NVWSP) has developed a series of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) speaker videos geared toward various audiences and age levels which students could view in place of an in-person presentation.

There are also options to invite a CAF speaker for a live virtual presentation with your classroom or group or participate in an online virtual question and answer session during NVWSP’s “Ask a CAF speaker” series.

If you want to receive the links to the CAF speaker videos or register for a live virtual presentation or the “Ask a CAF speaker” question and answer sessions, visit the 2021 National Veterans’ Week Speakers Program webpage. The deadline to register is October 28.