E-Bulletin June 4, 2020



To mark the conclusion of the 2020 school year, we are creating a short video to highlight some of the innovative ways schools and divisions are commemorating student milestones and transitions at a time when public health requirements have rendered many traditional practices impossible. This video will be similar in format to one we created to celebrate the efforts of school communities to ensure students’ access to learning resources and nutritional hampers when in-class learning was suspended. You can view that video at https://youtu. be/5eDaYZRFIng

In a memo distributed in today’s divisional email, we asked board chairs and superintendents to consider providing us with photos from celebrations and observances in their schools, to help make this video truly provincial in scope. The types of images we are looking for include graduation ceremonies and grade transition observances, student award or recognition ceremonies, teacher car/bike parades or similar events designed to reach out to students, and anything else happening in schools to bring a sense of normalcy to the end of a school year that has been far from normal. Once complete, the video will be posted to our social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Full E-Bulletin here: June-4_2020.pdf