E-Bulletin April 7, 2021


On March 15, 2021, the Manitoba Government issued tentative plans under Bill 64, the Education Modernization Act for significant changes to the Manitoba school system.

Based on preliminary observations, these changes do not include a plan to address the needs of children in poverty, which remains the single largest factor influencing Manitoba’s national and
international test scores (PISA 2018 Insights and Interpretations, Schleicher). This, while Manitoba remains one of the world’s best and leading systems of education, according to these same
international scores.

The Government has proposed many structural changes that will impact parents, teachers, staff and administrators to achieve yetto-be-identified savings of $40 million. To find out how this bill will
impact ALL Manitobans, including students, parents, community members, business owners, teachers, principals and frontline staff, visit www.localvoices.ca.