E-Bulletin, April 1st 2020


For many weeks now, the news cycle has been dominated (and rightfully
so) by information about the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t want to add to the noise, but we did want
to provide links to the most relevant sites in one spot, for ease of access.

For general information specific to Manitoba, visit the Manitoba government’s dedicated COVID-19
Here you will find helpful tools such as Shared Health’s online screening tool, which helps
people determine whether they should be reaching out to a health care professional at Health
Links-Info Santé. There is also a link to Help Next Door Manitoba, a site dedicated to linking
Manitobans who need help with those able to assist them. The page will also link you to all
government news releases on COVID-19, while livestreamed and archived news conferences can be found
on the government’s YouTube channel.

Provincial statistical updates can be found in the regular COVID-19 bulletins, while the Public
Health Agency of Canada
site includes information about the current situation nationally. The PHAC
site also includes information about prevention and risks, symptoms and treatment, and travel
advice. All sites are updated on an ongoing basis.

On March 31, on the advice of the chief provincial health officer, the government announced the
indefinite suspension of all classroom learning for K-12 students in the province. Full details of
the closure are included in the government news release. This action has been taken to help flatten
the curve and reduce the impact of COVID-19 throughout the province. With the suspension of classroom learning:
• all students on track to graduate will do so.
• teachers will teach remotely, assign work, conduct assessments and prepare final report
• provincial exams will be cancelled for students in grade 12, but teacher assessments will be
• provincial assessments are complete for students in early and middle years, but other
assessments will continue.
• child-care centres located in schools will continue to operate under the current conditions
set out by the chief provincial public health officer.

Full pdf e-bulletin here: April-1_2020.pdf