E-Bulletin, April 15 2020


In light of current restrictions on the size of group gatherings and physical distancing
requirements, many school boards are now meeting via remote means. We have made some changes and
additions to our website, to assist boards in this process, and to help ensure that members of the
public can access easily both livestreams and records of school board meetings.

• We have added a new page where people can link directly to school board minutes posted on
divisional websites, or to the divisional homepage where notices of upcoming meetings are generally
posted. We have also included a series of maps indicating the location of Manitoba’s 37 school
divisions, for anyone uncertain about the school division in which they reside.

• We have produced a tip sheet for those participating in school board meetings via electronic
means, to help them ensure that they look and sound their best, and that meetings are conducted in a professional manner.

• A new short video provides some tips on governing during a time of pandemic. It covers
important topics such as setting priorities, being adaptable and flexible, ensuring communications are factual and clear, maintaining confidentiality, and adhering to legal requirements.

• HUB International has added COVID-19 information to the MSI site, as well as a more general
COVID-19 Resource Centre which includes links to useful resources, such as webinars on nurturing a
virtual culture and cyber-risks—protecting your remote business.

Full e-bulletin pdf here: April-15_2020.pdf