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The Manitoba School Boards Association’s video series Getting Your Message Out provides a toolkit that will help trustees and school boards share positive stories about today‚Äôs public schools, with a focus on the role school boards play in making good schools better. Content is available in both video and text formats, and we have included additional resources and discussion questions that will help boards examine and assess their own efforts at getting their message out.

Getting Your Message Out (Complete)

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Segment 1: Introduction

  Text Format | Resource

Segment 2: Role of a School Board

  Text Format | Resource 1 | Resource 2

Segment 3: Working with the Media

  Text Format | Resource 1 | Resource 2

Segment 4: Going Social

  Text Format | Resource

Segment 5: Building Your Army of Advocates

  Text Format | Resource 1 | Resource 2 | Resource 3

Segment 6: Key Messages

  Text Format | Resource 1 | Resource 2

Segment 7: Elevator Speeches & Sound Bites

  Text Format | Resource | Resource 2

Segment 8: Setting the Record Straight

  Text Format | Resource (select Communication & Branding webinar)


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Discussion Questions
Additional Resources

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