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The Risk Management department has produced a number of bulletins to assist school boards in the conservation of life and property, and in the prevention of disruption to the education process.

Risk Management Bulletins:

Outdoor Skating Rinks | Patinoires Extérieures (November 2020 )

"Red Flags" in Electrical & Mechanical Rooms (Spring 2019)

Electrical Safety (Spring 2018)

Thermographic Scanning Requirements for Vendors | Guide to IR English

Soccer Net Safety | Goal Safety Booklet

Sécurité des buts de soccer

Winter Maintenance (November 2015)

Halloween Pranks - Don't Get Burned! (October 2015)

Visitor Access During School Hours (October 2015)

Tornado Safety

Preventing Slips and Falls on Ice in Winter

Christmas Decorations in Schools

Children and Choking Hazards

CBS News: Children and Choking Hazards

Bulletins from Royal & Sunalliance…

Engineering Insurance & Loss Control Services:

Electrical Transformers (Fall 2011)

Safety Valves/Safety Relief Valves/Safety Pressure/Temperature Relief Valves (Summer 2011)

Air Receiver Alert (Fall 2010)

Electrical Points of Interest (Spring 2010)

Pressure Relief Valves on Pressure-Retaining Items (Follow-up to Fall 2008 Bulletin)

Pressure Relief Valves on Pressure-Retaining Items

Points on Pressure - Pressure Points

Water Damage

Electrical Systems

Checking Electrical Rooms

Controlling Electrical Hazards

National Board Bulletin:

School Boiler Maintenance Programs: How Safe Are the Children?

An Open Letter to School Administrators

Please contact the Manitoba School Boards Association office for a complete list of bulletins available in this series.

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