The Manitoba School Boards Association acts as an advocate for public education by speaking out on the issues that are important to school boards and the students they serve. The association fulfills this advocacy role in its dealings with other levels of government (provincial, federal and municipal), its educational partners, business and other organizations.

The basis of The Manitoba School Boards Association advocacy work is the policy direction established by member school boards at the association's annual convention. Between conventions, the provincial executive monitors developments that impact on public education, such as legislative amendments. The association responds to these developments in accordance with established policy, or, where no policy exists, in accordance with the association's mission and mandate.





Government & Post-Secondary Institutions Letters re Requests for Action April 28, 2021  
Legislative Committee Presentation to the Legislative Committee on Social and Economic Development re: Bill 45 April 14, 2021  
Hon. Cliff Cullen Presidents of CSBA Letter (FR) re Bill 64 March 29, 2021  
Hon. Derek Johnson
Hon. Cliff Cullen
AMM/MSBA Letter re Local Government Awareness Week February 17, 2021  
Hon. Derek Johnson
Hon. Cliff Cullen
AMM/MSBA Letter re Electronic Voting February 17, 2021  

Hon. Derek Johnson
Hon. Cliff Cullen
Hon Scott Fielding

AMM/MSBA Letter re Education Property Tax Phase-Out Consultation February 12, 2021 Letter (Hon. Scott Fielding, Hon. Derek Johnson, Hon. Cliff Cullen)
Hon. Scott Fielding 2021 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief January 26, 2021  
Hon. Cliff Cullen E-Resources Repository Follow-up January 8, 2021  
Winnipeg Free Press Op-Ed by President Alan Campbell, Time to lift shroud from Bill 64 December 15, 2020  
Hon. Kelvin Goertzen Resolutions to the Minister March 17, 2020 Letter (Hon. Kelvin Goertzen)
Hon. Kelvin Goertzen
Hon. Cameron Friesen
Region 5 Request for Action Follow-up Letter re Inoculation Education Programming January 24, 2020 Letter (Avis Gray, ADM Population Health)
Hon. Scott Fielding MSBA Pre-Budget Consultation Brief January 17, 2020  
Winnipeg Free Press Op-Ed by President Alan Campbell December 17, 2019  
Media Release and Backgrounder Fact Sheet Excellence of Manitoba's public education system affirmed by PISA 2018
The Facts on PISA 2018
December 3, 2019  
Media Release Climate Action Incentive Fund (FR version) August 7, 2019  
Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau Climate Action Incentive Fund July 24, 2019 Letter (Hon. Catherine McKenna)
Winnipeg Free Press Editorial by President Alan Campbell February 12, 2019  
News Release Manitoba School Boards Welcome Public Education Review January 23, 2019  
  Op-Ed by CSBA President Laurie French January 2, 2019  
  Editorial by Provincial Executive November 2018  
Winnipeg Free Press Op-Ed by Sandy Nemeth and Alan Campbell, Vice-Presidents September 2018  
Minister Ian Wishart Provincial Bargaining February 28, 2018  


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