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JHAs (Safe Work Procedures)
Student Safety
School Bus Safety

This section is intended to provide guidance and direction in the major Risk Management areas facing school administrators, principals, vice-principals, teachers and all other school staff on a daily basis.

Although this reference material is not intended to replace school board policies and procedures, it is intended to supplement the Risk Management considerations which should go into making the decisions on the most common day-to-day school activities.

In addition, the association recommends all parents/guardians consider purchasing student accident insurance, which provides 24 hour coverage for all accidents at school, home or play. The Student Accident Insurance Program provides coverage for medical, dental, disability or accidental death and dismemberment insurance on behalf of students.


Risk Management at a Glance FORMS Only
Coup d 'oeil sur la gestion des risques formulaires seulement
Outdoor Heat Stress Tips
Workplace Inspections Manual
CHEMSTORE (Chemical Storage System)
Smudging Protocol and Guidelines

Rehab the Lab

Rehab the Lab
Chemistry Lab Safety (Guide)
School Science Safety - High Hazard Chemicals (video)
Elminate the Hazard (ppt)
Store it Properly (ppt)
ChemStore (ppt)
High Risk Chemicals (pdf)
Excessive Risk Chemicals (pdf)
High Risk Chemical Permit(template for internal use only)

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