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You and your family deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have financial protection in the event of death or a serious accident. That's why the Manitoba Teachers' Society and the Manitoba School Boards Association offer employees a flexible, affordable group life insurance plan. The plan lets you tailor your insurance program to your individual circumstances.

Coverage under the employee Group Life Insurance benefit is mandatory for all eligible employees hired after the plan became effective in your school division or district. Should you need more insurance than that provided by the mandatory benefit, you may increase your Group Life Insurance coverage, provided you meet the requirements of the plan at the time the increase is applied for. As well, you may also choose either or both of the following options to ensure you have the coverage you need for yourself and your family:

Use the Insurance Rate Calculator to explore the various insurance options open to you. (8% RST is payable in addition to the calculated amount.)

You can download individual forms in PDF format:

General Information

This website is a summary of your Group Life Insurance Plan. In the case of any discrepancies, benefits will be paid according to the terms of the official plan documents and applicable legislation.

The Plan Trustees reserve the right to change the coverage at any time in the future, but in so doing will provide members with at least 60 calendar days notice of change.

The group contract is interpreted and administered according to applicable legislation and the guidelines of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association concerning the continuation of insurance following contract termination and the replacement of insurance.

Great-West Life is not responsible for paying benefits if an insurer under a previous group contract is responsible for paying similar benefits.

Reference to "employer" throughout this document also means your school division or district.

Plan Consultants

This plan is insured by Great-West Life policy number 335114.

Website information updated as of July, 2014.

For More Information

Contact the Payroll Administrator of your school division or the Plan consultants.

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