The Manitoba School Boards Association fulfills its advocacy role by working with all levels of government, as well as education, community, business and other organizations, to build partnerships and deepen understanding of the issues and concerns facing public schools. To this end, the provincial executive as a whole, senior officers and association staff meet regularly with these groups.

Following is a list of some of the groups with whom we meet on a regular basis, as well as the dates of recent or upcoming meetings. An overview of liaison meetings can often be found in the minutes of provincial executive meetings. To learn more, contact the association president or executive director.

Government of Manitoba, Education Minister

June 6, 2016

Provincial political parties

Liberal Caucus, September 22, 2016


PC Caucus, TBD


NDP Caucus, TBD

Manitoba Teachers' Society

October 4, 2016

Manitoba Association of School Superintendents

December 9, 2016

Manitoba Association of School Business Officials

December 2, 2016

Manitoba Association of Parent Councils

December 2, 2016

Association of Manitoba Municipalities

October 12, 2016

Manitoba/Winnipeg Chambers of Commerce


Other - Wab Kinew, MLA for Fort Rouge

November 7, 2016

Other - Joint Liaison Education Partners December 12, 2016


Liberal Caucus
NDP Caucus
PC Caucus

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