As bills are introduced before the Manitoba Legislature, they are made available on the Legislative Assembly website. The full text of each bill, plus its status before the Legislature, can be accessed from this website. The website also lists information about legislative committees, including how to make a presentation, and notice of upcoming meetings.

The following lists include bills that are currently before the legislature, or which were recently passed, along with brief descriptions of each. You can find government news releases relating to many of these bills under News From Broadway. The first sitting of the fourth session of the 42nd legislature is expected to begin at 1:30 p.m.on Tuesday, Nov. 23 with the throne speech. The session will rise on Dec. 2.

Before the Legislature

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Recently Passed


Presentation before Standing Committee on Bill 45

Presentation before Standing Committee on Bill 71

Perspective from the President on Bill 71 (video)

Summary Page on Bill 73

Final Report K-12 Review

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