2014 School Board Elections

Key Dates

Nomination Period Begins
September 3 (DSFM only)
September 10

Nomination Period Ends
September 9 (DSFM only)
September 16

Withdrawal Deadline
Two conditions apply: no later than 24 hours after the close of nominations AND there are enough candidates to fill the office you are seeking.

Trustee Elections
October 15 (DSFM only)
October 22


School board elections will be held October 22, 2014. Whether your interest is as a candidate or a voter, the goal of this section is to provide you with the information you need. For school division contact information and boundary maps, visit our Members page. For information specific to school trustee elections in Winnipeg, follow the links provided on this page.

Manitoba Votes is a dedicated website that lists all candidates for municipal and school trustee elections. This site also containts contact information for candidates should votors wish to connect with candidates.

Learning About and Running for Office

Public Education—Everyone’s Business provides an overview of the important role public schools and school boards play in our communities. For a primer on the role of school boards and trustees, check out our Guide to School Boards and Trusteeship. There you’ll find the basics such as qualifications for office and nomination procedures. More detailed information can be found in the provincial statutes governing school boards and elections (links provided on the right of this page). For first-hand accounts about what the job entails, watch our three videos featuring sitting trustees talking about their background and the time-commitment of service, and providing some insights into the role of school boards.

To learn more about school board service, click here to view an archived version of our June 17 candidate information webinar. Have more questions? Call us at 204-233-1595 or 1-800-262-8836 (toll-free in Manitoba), or send us an email.

Casting Your Vote

We know that as a voter you want to make an informed decision, and to do that, you need information. As a start, you may want to check out some of the downloads and video links we’ve provided (right), to gain a better understanding about what it is school boards and trustees actually do. We’ve also prepared two documents to help you assess candidates vying for your vote: 10 Characteristics of Effective Board Members, and Questions for School Board Candidates. And, once the nomination period ends (September 16), we will be posting information about all nominees to this site.



A Guide to School Boards and Trusteeship
Changes for 2014
10 Characteristics of Effective Board Members
Questions for School Board Candidates
Candidate Contact Information (form)

YouTube Channel

So you want to be a school trustee?
School Board Service - A Closer Look
Taking the Time to Serve
Manitoba School Trustees - Who We Are
Success for all Students
Public Education - Everyone's Business


The Public Schools Act
The Municipal Councils and School Boards Elections Act


City of Winnipeg - Election 2014 or election app
City of Winnipeg - School Trustee Candidate's Guide
School Board Candidate Information Webinar
DSFM Elections
Frontier S.D. Elections
Locate your Division (Wpg)
Locate your Division

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