Provincial Executive By-election

By-election to be held November 30

As a result of 2018 school board elections, there are now two vacancies on the Manitoba School Boards Association Provincial Executive:  Past President and President. In accordance with association by-law 8.7(i), the position of Past President will remain vacant. We will be conducting a by-election to fill the positon of President in conjunction with the November 30 General Meeting.

Candidate and Voter Eligibility:

Trustees from any member board are eligible to be nominated for Association President. Candidates may be nominated by any board or trustee in accordance with the process outlined below. The election for this position will be conducted on the basis of board ballots (a weighted vote), with weighting determined by student enrollment.


A trustee may be nominated for office by his or her school board by way of a motion duly passed by that school board, and submitted in writing to the association’s office by the nomination deadline: Friday, November 23, 2018. Alternately, a trustee may be nominated for office by submitting in writing an expression of intent, accompanied by the supporting signatures of five trustees from member school boards, by the deadline. Written nominations that meet the criteria outlined above may be emailed to Executive Director Josh Watt.


In order to support candidate campaign activities, the Manitoba School Boards Association will:

  • distribute, via email, campaign literature provided to the association in an electronic format. This distribution will be to all member boards;
  • post on its website the same candidate information referenced in 1, above; and
  • post a video-recording of candidates’ campaign speeches, to the association’s website. These speeches must meet the same criteria in terms of length as do speeches made during the election process at the annual conventions which is seven minutes for Presidential candidates. Alternatively, we will produce the recording for any duly nominated candidate who requests this service and who is able to appear at the association office at 191 Provencher Boulevard in Winnipeg at an agreed upon recording time.


Elections will be held at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg on the morning of Friday, November 30, as part of the Association’s General Meeting scheduled for that day. To facilitate voting, an authorization to receive board ballots form will be distributed to all boards. This form must be completed and returned to the association office in order for a board to receive its designated number of ballots.

Term of Office:

In accordance with Association by-law 8.7(1), the person elected on November 30 will serve as President until the next regularly scheduled election for that position, which is March 15, 2019. If that person wishes to continue to serve as President, they must be nominated to run for office in the election held in conjunction with the convention.



Kelli Riehl, Swan Valley S.D. Nomination | Flyer | Video
Alan Campbell, Interlake S.D. Nomination | Flyer

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