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The association, in partnerinstituteship with MASS, MASBO and the Aboriginal Education Directorate, held a three day institute in early 2015 for senior divisional leadership teams.

Where do we go from here?

Summary of Day Three: World Café (April 24, 2015)

The culminating activity of the three day Aboriginal Education Leadership Institute was a World Café focused on generating discussion around the three questions:

  • What would it look like, sound like, feel like if the MASS Call to Action were reality in our schools?
  • What are some of the opportunities that exist right now for me and my school division to move forward on this call to Action?
  • What specifically will we do in response to these opportunities to address Aboriginal Education in our schools?

The information gathered from these discussions was summarized under four themes:

  • Access - open and available to all
  • Agency - intention to affect change
  • Advocacy - skills to affect change
  • Solidarity Action - collectively working for change

Reference: British Columbia Teachers Federation Social Justice Lens

The summary was used to support partner work in Aboriginal education, including a follow up event, Emamawi Witatoskemitowak: Sharpening the Focus held on May 28 - 29, 2015. The purpose of this inter-organizational conversation was to develop a proposal for a grassroots action plan on Aboriginal education for education stakeholders.



Final Report of MSBA Aboriginal & Indigenous Education Action Planning Committee
Final Report of MSBA Aboriginal & Indigenous Education Action Planning Committee PowerPoint Presentation

MSBA Discussion Paper re Aboriginal & Indigenous Education Action Plan
Indigenous Education Blueprint
Initiatives in Aboriginal Education Survey Results
MASS 2014 Call to Action on Aboriginal Education
Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada

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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada


  • Up Ghost River (Edmund Metatawabin)
  • Clearing the Plains (James Daschuk)
  • The Inconvenient Indian (Thomas King)
  • The Back of the Turtle (Thomas King)
  • The Comeback (John Ralston Saul)
  • Hear our Stories (theme guide focuses on books written by and about members of First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities)

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